Support Services

All students at Monarch receive transportation, regardless of distance from home to school, or how often they move. Monarch provides bus and trolley passes to students on a monthly basis. Additionally, Monarch has three vans to transport students to school activities and field trips.

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Monarch has a literacy specialist dedicated to accelerating the reading comprehension of our students and fostering a love of reading in them. She has helped create a library full of high-interest literature which now has over 4,000 books. Students visit the library each week and can check out two books per week.

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Math Specialist
In order to graduate from high school and go on to college and succeed in their studies and future careers, it is essential for students to gain strong skills in the core areas of math and reading. To accomplish this goal, our Math Specialist focuses on accelerating student learning and proficiency in math. Our students arrive at Monarch an average of three years behind grade level. Monarch’s Math Specialist works with our most at-risk students to accelerate their learning in math and to bring their proficiency up to grade level and beyond. It is essential that we increase our kids’ math proficiency to help serve as a foundation for the rest of their learning as they strive to become self sufficient, productive adults.

Tutors fill a critical need for teachers who have multiple grade levels in each classroom. Monarch actively recruits tutors with special skills in language arts, math and science. For the large number of students who arrive at Monarch extremely deficient in reading and math, one-on-one tutoring is a critical component in accelerating their learning to reach their age-appropriate grade level.

After School Program
This program is dedicated to providing students a safe and fun environment where they can improve academically, explore personal interests and strengths, and connect to positive role models and peers. Monarch offers instruction and activities in art, music, film, photography, business, dance, tennis, and more. The program helps kids build self esteem, teamwork and leadership skills, provides artistic enrichment and promotes personal growth and development. The After School Program makes it possible for our kids to be at Monarch from 7:00 a.m. when our doors open until 6:00 p.m. when the after school program ends. The program is a strong alternative to the streets for our kids.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds
Each weekday, Monarch opens its doors at 7:00 a.m. to provide breakfast for the students, many of whom have no access to a morning meal. The SDCOE provides breakfast and lunch for Monarch’s students. Specialty Produce donates fresh produce each day and Monarch’s cook provides nutritional snacks and supplements to the SDCOE meals. This program helps to insure that our kids receive the nutritious and well-balanced meals that will help them succeed academically. More than 50,000 Miracle Meals are provided each year to Monarch’s students through this program. Miracle Meals are the nutritious and appetizing foods prepared by our Food Services Cook.

Monarch Miracle Workers Volunteer Program
Our Volunteer Coordinator works with individuals and corporations to help provide a wide variety of volunteer services including tutoring, driving, chaperoning, cooking and serving dinners and breakfasts, clerical assistance, and helping with special events, the after school program, and the business club. Monarch’s volunteer program includes more than 300 volunteers for a total of nearly 4,000 volunteer hours per year.

Expressive Arts Therapy Program
Monarch’s therapist provides individual therapy and character education, community-building, and success classes to fulfill Monarch’s dual mission of increasing homeless students’ academic performance and addressing the personal and social barriers to their academic success. The therapist addresses a wide range of therapeutic issues such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem, sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and other trauma related to chronic homelessness; increasing coping skills; connection to resources and building positive self-concept. Students in ongoing therapy have reported reduced disciplinary problems and school counseling and discipline referrals, increased ability to cope with stressors and improved connection to school and resources.

Monarch offers a one-on-one mentoring program to its students. Monarch has collaborated with Big Brothers Big Sisters to provide our students with mentors. Big Brothers Big Sisters staff provide the interviewing and follow-up necessary to make the matches successful. To become a mentor requires a one-year commitment and an agreement to meet 2-3 times per month with a student. The ultimate goal of the mentor program is to give the youth examples of successful adult role models. Mentors encourage the youth to make better choices and promote long-term self-sufficiency.

Student Events
Monarch volunteers and staff plan and coordinate a variety of special activities such as graduations, open houses, holiday and birthday parties, and an annual job fair. Field trips are arranged to various sites around San Diego with the focus of expanding the horizons of Monarch youth. Many of those fieldtrips include: San Diego Museum of Man, San Diego Museum of Art, La Jolla Playhouse and many others.
Health Care
Monarch, in collaboration with the San Diego Family Health Centers, offers office space for medical exams for all students and medical care on an as-needed basis. Doctors from the Center come to the school weekly. Also, Monarch has joined in partnership with Children’s Dental Health Association (CDHA). On a quarterly basis, CDHA gives Monarch students dental check-ups, cleanings, fillings, and general dentistry procedures. For most Monarch students, this is the first time they have seen a dentist.
Monarch’s students often arrive at the school in very worn clothes. Monarch provides new and gently-used clothing donated by the local community. Students can select the clothes they need on “shopping day” at Monarch. When the right size and articles of clothing are not available, students may be provided with gift cards to a local store. Monarch also offers a shower and washer and dryer at the school so that students can keep themselves and their clothes clean.
Post-Graduation Support
Monarch provides graduating seniors with the support they need to successfully transition from Monarch to higher education, including military service. Post-graduation support includes scholarships to universities, local community colleges and vocational training, school supplies, books, food, emergency medical and dental care, and ancillary financial support for funding on- or off-campus housing.
Monarch provides bus and trolley passes to students on a monthly basis. Monarch has three vans to transport students to school activities and field trips.
Entrepreneurial Programs
Monarch provides career development in a unique business program. In 2001, students developed “Butterfly Enterprises” and currently design, develop and produce products for sale including butterfly-themed bead jewelry, note cards, embroidered kitchen towels and more. Students develop business models, study profit and loss projections, and discuss marketing strategies. The program is offered in conjunction with Junior Achievement.
Student & Family Support Services
A wide range of student support services are provided for Monarch students by a Counselor, Parent Liaison and support staff. The Counselor focuses on the personal and social development of every student and provides academic support as well. Services provided include individual and group counseling, and internship and career development workshops. The Parent Liaison provides parent support which includes connecting parents to the school, connecting parents to community resources and offering parent effectiveness training courses.